Bali Safari Elephant Ride

Elephant Ride

Bali’s majestic elephants can be found at the Bali Elephant Safari Park of Desa Taro, north of Ubud. This park, managed by Bali Adventurer Tours, offers visitors a chance to get up close and personal with the peaceful giants and also to go for a sightseeing expedition on the backs of these towering pachyderms.Facilities include a full reception and information center, a safari park lodge, a spa, a comprehensive museum, with a large collection of elephant memorabilia and the only mammoth skeleton in Southeast Asia.

Park facilities include a reception center with graphic displays of elephant history and physiology, a boutique gift shop featuring a massive range of elephant-related products, a 200-seat restaurant and bar with spectacular views over the lake and park, a snack bar and photo kiosk, a museum with 1,000 exhibits, a 15,000-year-old mammoth skeleton, and an elephant arena and painting display area.

There are safari rides through Taro’s jungles with riders perched in a teak chair on elephant back. After the trek, lunch is served at the park restaurant beside the elephant bathing lake after which everyone heads to the elephant arena for one of three daily talent shows.

Here you can touch and hand-feed the elephants, watch the elephants’ playful bathing rituals, have photos taken with elephants, witness live educational shows and elephant painting, enjoy and learn amazing facts from the information center, museum and from park staff and participate in children’s mini rides.

Good to Know about Elephant Safari Park of Desa Taro

All the elephants were rescued from deforestation in central and southern Sumatra. The park is ideal for all the family and is open seven days a week.